The Rumbling Quiet Night

The battling thoughts kept crossing his mind;
Pondering and broken over his own plight.

He settled a debate, guessed he won a fight..

With each chasm, more dimness mistified inside..

There weren’t  any blacks, weren’t any whites.

Here ‘Greys’ mattered , like those  “Rumbling Quiet” nights..

How he wished , he could gleam out the thunder ;

How he insanely wanted to make a choice..

A silvery sheen over that murkiness inside..

He then decided to give in more time;

He answered few questions, even questioned some answers alongside…

Soon he saw, some clouds go by,

Something untangled, he felt it pacify

The moon came out, Stars stood shining high..

The rumbling had stopped; It was the Quiet Night Sky

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