Six In The Chamber

He sat by the Banyan tree, the Sun had still not started its course but in the distance the horizon was turning brighter, redder, angrier.

Patiently waiting, he picked up the twigs that had fallen off the branches of the trees. They were dry, but the moisture from the ground had made them soft. Knitting each one to their ends, he ended up making a cord that was just enough to fit his wrist before tying the last ends within each other.

The Sun was almost visible now, a semi circle of big Orange fuming gaseous self fueled entity. The rays were softer. He smirked at the irony, had to burn itself to produce the soft light that brightened the greens. Then almost instantaneously, he turned.

Furiously digging now, he found his nails were first filled with mud and minutes later there were no nails to hold any mud. His fingertips were bleeding, that did not seem to bother him. Grovelling at the ground while shovelling with the fingers. Then it was there, small and neatly dressed hole.

He had just finished admiring the cell, and the rain came down uninvited. But he was glad, very glad. He took the rugged knife out of the leather holster which was polished only last night with a heavy dose of colloidal emulsion, quite evident from the smell that quickly tore the occupied the surrounding. Keeping it aside, he turned his attention.

A precise slash and it was cut exactly the way he wanted it to be.

He carefully placed it in the neatly formed pit, now filled with a small puddle of water. Tied it with the cord tidily and cautiously filled the hole. First with leaves; then with more twigs and finally with the mud. Neatly levelling the ground using his knife’s blade, he left the imprint of the blades design on the ground. With the rain still pouring, he gently shifted away and took his recline on the bark of the huge tree. Occasional drops of water fell on his head and gradually ran down his cheek.

With overriding viciousness, he then took the Colt from under his shirt and in a jiffy fired at the furious Sun, the heralding rain, the levelled ground, the ageing tree, the chilly wind and the calcium temple.

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