An Atom of Gratitude

Coming a long way across,
Stomped, walked on thorns,
Carried the burden,
But moved on.

Dressed in blood,
Bathed in sorrow,
Ploughed on,
Through the minefields of life.

Walks the path still,
Eyes gleaming with assurance,
Head six foot over,
Thrusting reason into Heart.

The shrapnel don’t cause pain,
The bruises under a new skin,
Tears dried of weary eyes,
Immune this one became.

Reverence he pays,
To the soul which brought,
A change of season, a change of brilliance
In his world of disarray.

Ghost89er is a scientist. When not mulling over the intricacies of nanotechnology, he writes poetry and prose or participates in motorbike racing. Talk about talent.

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