The Journey Downhill

There came a shift; a slip?

Things went for a toss, majorly it flipped.

I now toggle between ego trips and pleasure dips.

Standing alone in the crowd, I am so off the grid.

The rules of the game have now changed.

Bold and nervy looks are all I exchange.

The sweet talk too has a sarcastic twist.

These days when I kiss, I end up snoozing the bliss.

With this new algorithm in life.

It’s starting to feel like the onset of a fresh strife.

There isn’t any looking back, nor a stopping by.

I have paused at a place where my heart sings, but my words die.

From where I look, the dreams beneath sigh!

I shrug and look up, the stars are distant; they are still shining high.

Now this I know and I know it well.

My Journey Downhill has strong impels.

What I want is to hold and stay

But all I do is roll away.

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