Mom & Me!

The safest place was your womb mom
till the day I was born.
My first cry was the reason of your joy,
you snuggled me along.
Your smell so familiar
I was into this new world around.

My giggles and grin,
when you held my chubby cheeks and chin.
Oh! I know your touch mom,
when I often kicked your womb from within.
Your fingers I tightly gripped
When I could barely stand.

Seeing you hiding behind dad,
I fumbled ,still happily ran.
My first day in school,
when you left waving me bye,
I waited the day to be over,
to have your sweet glance.

I grew up smart,I grew up beautiful,
People knew me as one who is soulful.
College fun and the emotions I battled,
You tackled so well and I was baffled.
I’m a mom now to my son,
Not a better one,
But want to be someone like you.

Mom you’re my treasure of happiness,
You still hold me around when I feel low,
The safest place is your arms now.
You wave me bye seeing me confident in my place,
when now I still wait to be back to see your happy face.
The smell of yours is now I search in the food you cook.
Mom , everything is still the same,
As it’s between you and me,
As it’s between me and my son,
The best of all love.
The purest of all worship.
Mom’s love is so wonderful,
O wonderful love!

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