Did you catch the whiff of my happiness? Did you know that it was a short-lived as a dream? To imagine that for something as fleeting as this I found the sacrifices worth the moon and the sun.I am pushing my heart to feel so much more so it can bleed a better colour than its pale pink now. Hoping that the paths I draw in the air, the ones that the wind blows away in one enthusiastic gust, remain for a bit longer. Some day, I am hoping you shall retrace them and perhaps, even walk them till the end.

The yellow of my marrow is drying. What is it that lies beyond craving? What is it that waits on the other side? Indifference. And that is worse than death. Ask me. I know all about indifference. It hurts you in places you never knew existed. It makes you feel so much smaller than you ever could. It kills you. It…..

The blinking lights at the back of my head add some drama to my life. Who says life is boring?

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