An Ode to ‘ la Seine’

She heard them coming, some were just passing by
some of them stopped, some moved on.
Burbles, noises, voices,
some choked up echos.
Egos, hatred, love
passion, fire, peace
how she had seen them all.

Some of them cried, she was still holding their tears.
Some came, some left, some feared to confess
while some confessed in fear.

She saw some light up, she had heard some cheers.
Then came some, so hazy, dull, unclear.
Some of them were glad, that they had her near.
Some were just thankless, ungrateful, selfish
but some visited her over and over.

Some were lost in the ‘la Ville Lumiere’
Some kissed under the Eiffel Tower
hardly they knew, that ‘she’ saw it all
under the beauty of lights, passion, promises
‘ la Seine ‘ lived it all .

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