What Gives

It won’t be easy. It will take many breaths. Nights of tears that turn to dry crust by dawn.It will be imperfect. Accomplished Victory. It will suck your life out. Out. Out. Out. It will make you free. The kinds where you will move with the music made for you, just you. Freedom. The taste of salty air on your tongue. Freedom. Like no one is watching your back. Freedom.

You will move on. With crippled feet, a bare soul and a chiselled  heart. With baby steps. That will turn into a waltz. With your life. The defeats. The triumphs. Your life. How you want it. Mostly. Yours alone. You share it with no one. The deepest parts of you. No one. Else. Haven’t you learnt? No one has your back. No one. You. Alone. Such Freedom.

Will you travel? To places. In this world. In your mind. In your being. In your Soul. The heavy bits. The frivolous bits. The bits that make the load too heavy to carry. The bits that make you ache. Deeply. Those bits. The bits that bring you life. The bits that make you immortal. The eyes that see you as hero. Those bits. The bits that make you end you. The shards of you that you left in various corners. Will you travel?

You will learn. Not all hands offer a shake. Not all shoulders are for sharing joy. Not all hugs are by friends. Watch. That hand has a dagger. That shoulder is waiting to carry your coffin. That hug is to suck every living atom out of you. Learn. You are your hugest friend.

Don’t dim the lights. Don’t make yourself small to fit. Their boxes are their problems. Soar. Like the sunlight. Shine. Be. Don’t feel fear. Trust. Your own self. These hands. This mind. Yours Alone.

Live. Be. One life. Live till you die. Live. Make your history. Every day. One decade. So what? Seven more before you. Live. Move on from the black. Yellow. Blue. Pink. The colours of your life. Till you meet the white.

Dream. Dream. Big ones. The ones that cannot fit in one night. That need years. THAT big. That need toil. That demand blood. And tears too. That big. Mammoth ones. Dream.

Happy. No bad days. Dare life. Dare the demons.


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