I Met An Old Friend…

Growth. When two very different people meet after years and their lessons have been similar. When the change has been for the better- being more understanding, being less judgmental. When they stop living in black or white. The colors are anyway just the wavelengths not understood.

The damage. The years. The beauty of change. Time incubating our better versions. We, who lived in a certain knowledge of our invincibility. When we knew each other, we were that- invincible. Now?

Now we are just the breathing, charred bits of soul. Recognizing each other in the memory of who we were and who we thought the other was. We are ashes and dust. And we remember.

We remember and we remind each other. We remind ourselves. ‘This is who you once were. This is who you could again be. This is potential. This is promise. This is everything. Don’t you forget it. Because I believe in you. And you need to believe in yourself too.’

Because sometimes the possibility, the promise of things, of a future that you once saw for yourself- when you see it in someone else’s vision of you- sometimes, that is all you need to get going.

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