Promises. Promises.

This space has been lying dormant for a bit. It has gone through a few makeovers- from being a personal dashboard to inviting other writers to splash their ideas here to being my portfolio.

I am irrevocably ensconced in this year and what better way to establish that fact than starting something of a writing journey this year- here- before you guys.

often, it is the void I talk to. At least that is what it feels like. And, no this isn’t a lamentation. I like the void. I prefer the void. I just hope it is a void that isn’t bored of me. That is all.

I aim to wrap up my book this year. This year. It has been a project that has been on the backburner for too long. There are many words, many chapters there. And it is a process that I realised how much I enjoyed when I took a break in December last year.

When I started this page today, as I put on my headphones to slide into the space from where I write, for a moment I doubted if I will have anything to write. Will I get my mojo back? Will I have anything to say?

I hope I do. This year will prove if the self-doubt was misplaced. Come, let’s walk this together.

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