This is the hardest part—something similar is also a Coldplay song I think…..In all probability I am wrong.

A Vignette:

I am Pulkit Singh, currently, the CEO, designer, editor, and peon of Blue Sunride. I have worked as a Features Writer for Society, Savvy, Society Interiors, CookBook and freelanced for other magazines and newspapers. I was until recently a columnist at ewomen. I have worked with Speaking Tree as a freelancer and I work on writing projects as a freelancer. A few of my articles have been published in The Tribune, Deccan Herald and a few other platforms.

When I inhabited the corporate world, I worked with Google, India. I quit it all to follow my dream- to write.

Was that tough? Absolutely. To turn your back on the Mecca of corporate success for a bipolar life oscillating between ecstatic and depressive, chimerical, hallucinatory life of words, feelings and stories seemed as insane then as it does now. In my defense, I had no choice.
Books, books, books, music, food and wine are my answers to the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have stretched the limits of the word writer to suit my purpose. The only catch is that I am not there yet. I write for a living and because it is the only thing I know to do well. This is my journey and you are welcome.