Get Published

With a lot of throat-clearing, chin-scratching, awkward body-languaging (not an established word yet) and ‘ahem-ing’, I get asked this- How Can I Publish On your Site?

First. Who can contribute?

You fantasize about writing. You think you are a writer. Confused still? If you nod at any of these, you ARE a writer.

Do you question the purpose of your life when presenting boring PowerPoints? Do you go through life slotting conversations and events as ‘I need to write about this’? Do you feel strongly about something and need to get it out of your system for some sanity? Do you read? Do you go through life wanting to celebrate it with a verse? Do you secretly compose your acceptance speech for a literary award and edit it with greater zeal? Do you have a vision? Do you love words?

If you have a voice, I have a platform.

How To Do It?

You write whatever you feel like- a play, a poem, a feature, a thought that meanders into other thoughts, an essay, a story, a song: whatever floats your boat.

You admire it, a bit.

You check it for errors- grammatical and otherwise.

You mail it to —

You pat yourself on the back and wait to hear from the editor.

It’s that simple, really.

What We Don’t Do

If it is political or commercial, it goes in the bin. We don’t feature articles about Sridevi’s death or Salman’s bail or Rahul Gandhi’s IQ or your views about them.

However, if you can write about dewdrops on a jade plant or sing paeans about the wonderful curry your grandma makes or how you survived your hostel warden’s tyranny or the reasons why your hometown makes your heart throb- we are interested.

Let’s Talk Money

Because we are going to applaud and celebrate exemplary writing that doesn’t talk about the ‘in-things’,  chances are we won’t get many patrons. So, your renumeration will be praises, encouragement and perhaps a standing ovation. Someday, when we make it, we shall share the monetary spoils.

“We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilisations heal.”

                             ~ Toni Morrison